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The pages accessible via the login buttons below provide access to your Engineering Department EPOS account(s) for: balance information; listings of transactions; credit/debit card payments; and transfers, e.g. to your Uniflow printing personal cost centre. The Canteens on the Main Site (Trumpington Street) and at the IfM (West Cambridge) operate independently so users have separate accounts for the two sites and there is a page for transferring funds from one to the other.

In logging in to EPOS you are agreeing to our general terms and conditions described in the section on EPOS on the General Finance Management page and to the specific ones for card transfers. You must only use the system when logged in as yourself (via Raven). The name of the logged-in user is displayed on each page so, if this is not you, you must log out, e.g. by closing down and restarting the browser.

  for Main Site Canteen *

  for IfM Canteen *

* These versions of the interface are new (May 2015) and, whilst we are not aware of any problems, it is possible that there may be some. Please let the Help Desk (helpdesk) know if there are any. (The old version for the Main Site is still available in case of urgent problems but lacks some of the functionality of the new one and will be removed in due course.)

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